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Here is a quick tick update from Mitchell Veterinary Services on Lyme disease in Perth County.

By May 8, 2015 Small Animal

Lyme disease is transmitted by black-legged deer ticks. The ticks are found most commonly in long grasses, forested areas and sand.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada:

Endemic (high-risk) areas:

1)    Pointe-Pelee National Park
2)    Rondeau Provincial Park
3)    Turkey Point Provincial Park
4)    Long Point peninsula including Long Point Provincial Park and the National Wildlife area
5)    Wainfleet Bog near Welland on the Niagara peninsula
6)    Prince Edward Point
7)    parts of the Thousand Islands National Park

Risk areas:

1)    around Kingston/Belleville
2)    along the Saint Lawrence valley to the border with Quebec that extend north east towards Ottawa
3)    in western Ontario in the region of Lake of the Woods
4)    Pinery Park on the shore of Lake Huron

Tick populations are expanding and it is possible that Lyme disease can be acquired outside the currently identified areas.

There are several ways to minimize your dog’s exposure to Lyme disease, but ultimately preventing tick bites is best.  Please give us a call to discuss the options for Lyme disease prevention that would best suit your dog’s lifestyle.

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