• Nov 02 2018

    Benefits of Adopting a Senior Pet.

    When adopting a new pet, most people will go looking for a younger dog to “save”, not realizing how much love and joy an older, senior dog can give them….

  • Oct 09 2018

    Keeping Your Pets Safe this Halloween!

    Halloween is fun for everyone, but did you know that you could be risking your pet’s health in the process? Listed below are a few things to avoid this Halloween….

  • Oct 01 2018

    RVT Month

      What is an RVT? RVT stands for Registered Veterinary Technician. What does this mean? It means they have a Veterinary Technician diploma, and then have gone even further and…

  • Sep 27 2018

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    Rabies in Ontario: what the public needs to know – an update for 2018

    What is the Risk of Rabies in Ontario? There have been 50 cases of rabies in Ontario since January 2018.  The majority of these are from raccoons, followed by skunks…

  • Sep 15 2018

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    How to Recognize a Puppy Mill/Farm

    What is a Puppy Mill? Is a commercial farming operation in which purebred dogs are kept and bred solely for their offspring. The large number of puppies are sold and…

  • Sep 07 2018

    Purchasing a Puppy

    Purchasing a puppy or new dog is extremely exciting but is also a huge decision. When purchasing a new companion, it is important to know what breed best suits you,…

  • Aug 31 2018

    Tips on How to Keep Your Cat Happy

      Feed your cat well: feeding a well-balanced kibble (and / or canned food) is extremely important for the well-being of your cat. Obesity is the most common source of…

  • Aug 10 2018

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    The Difficult Decision: Pet Food

      As humans we are told that if we eat healthy and exercise we will live a long and healthy life, why would this statement be any different for our…

  • Aug 02 2018

    What Happens at My Pet’s Annual Visit to the Doctor’s Office?

    We strongly recommend annual visits to the vet clinic for both cats and dogs.  Why might that be?  It’s not all about vaccines.  HISTORY TAKING Firstly, a technician and doctor…

  • Jul 05 2018

    Grooming; More than Just Looking Good

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Grooming: Do Brush your dog regularly and brush before bathing (if you bathe your dog before brushing – this can cause the mats to get…