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By January 2, 2015 Small Animal


Have you thought of any New Year’s resolutions for your pet?

We at Mitchell Veterinary Services would like to offer a few suggestions for a happy and healthy 2015:

  1. Brush your cat or dog’s teeth daily. This will pay off by avoiding expensive dental bills and maintain a beautiful smile with no bad “doggy” breath .
  2. Play with your furry friend more often – we all get busy schedules, but even 15 minutes a day of interaction with a ball will keep your pet mentally stimulated and allow them to sleep better.
  3. Take your dog for more walks – this is great for doggy weight loss.
  4. Make a habit of petting everywhere on your pet – this can allow for early lump detection, as well as any lack of symmetry or pain.
  5. Feed your pet the best food you can afford – the saying “you are what you eat” holds true. Feeding a diet with research to support it will allow for many benefits, including a shiny coat, good digestive health and dental health.


On behalf of the staff at Mitchell Veterinary Services, we wish you and your families a wonderful New Year.




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