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Frequently Asked Questions



Is this pet insurance and is there a deductible?

No, our Preventative Health Care Plans are NOT insurance and there is NO deductible. Our plans are designed to provide you cost savings and to help ensure that your pet receives the preventative care it needs.

Does the plan cover all my pet’s needs?

Our plans only cover Preventative Health Care.  Additional exams or diagnostics are not included in these plans.

What if my pet dies, or becomes lost?

It is possible to cancel the plan in the event your pet passes away or becomes lost.  One of our team members can help you determine your best option for cancellation of your plan.

What if I don’t use all or want all services included?

Our plans are designed to ensure that your pet receives the preventative care it needs to maintain its overall health. Therefore there are no refunds or substitutions on services that are not used or wanted in the plans. A team member will contact you prior to your automatic renewal date to discuss if your pet is in the most ideal package for its age, lifestyle, and medical condition. Our team member will also discuss unused or unwanted services with you and help further determine your options.

Can I pay the full annual cost upfront instead of the monthly payments and how do you accept payment?

Clients have the option of paying the annual cost in full at time of enrollment or making twelve equal monthly payments for any of our Health Care Plans.  We accept the following credit cards for payment:  Visa, Master Card, or AMEX.

I have a senior pet, what plan do you suggest?

Our Option B plans are designed for the needs of an ageing pet. These plans have additional health care services for your senior pet.