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Mitchell Veterinary Services Discusses Adopting a Cat

By June 19, 2015 Small Animal

Did you know June is adopt-a-cat month? It is the perfect time to bring a new furry friend home, as often humane societies are quite full with cats at this time of year. If you are looking to adopt, here are some things to consider.


It is very important to know whether you can afford to own a cat. If you adopt an adult cat, you need to consider costs associated with food, litter, toys, and medical care. It is very important that your cat see your veterinarian regularly, as cats are excellent at hiding problems. If you are considering adopting a kitten, you need to keep in mind even more expenses such as spaying or neutering, more vaccines and more dewormings.  Learn more about the costs of owning a cat or a kitten here:


Have the Family On Board

It is important to have everyone in the family involved in the adoption of the cat. Make sure everyone comes to meet the cat first and ensure that no one has allergies as this can lead to heartbreak later.

Find a Personality that Suits You

One of the best reasons to adopt rather than purchase is that rescues often know the personalities of their cats really well. Do you want an easygoing cat that is content to sit on your lap all day? Or do you want a more active cat that you can spend a lot of time playing with? Consider what type of personality you would like before you adopt.

Get the Necessary Supplies

It is best to have all your needed supplies before picking up your new feline family member. These include food and water bowls, litter and litterboxes, cat toys, a scratching post and cat tree to climb.

Consider Your other Pets

Consider whether other pets in your household will be okay with adding a cat to their group. While it is obvious that some dogs would not do well with cats, a lot of people think that their single cat would prefer to have a friend. If the cat you have at home did not live with another cat previously, it would likely be happier without another cat.

Consider a Cat’s Needs

While a lot of people believe that cats are easy to care for (requiring little interaction), cats actually do have many environmental needs and do require attention and companionship. Many behavioural problems that cats suffer from are often due to not meeting their environmental needs. Cats require play time so that they may express their predatory instinct and they also require human companionship. Learn more about how to keep your cat healthy and happy here:

Consider Adopting a Special Needs Cat

There are many cats in humane societies that are considered a little less “adoptable” than others. These include older cats, black cats, those that have lost limbs or eyes, cats with Feline Aids or Feline Leukemia Virus and cats with other medical conditions. Most of these cats can live long and healthy lives and there is something especially rewarding about taking care of these animals.

Once you have adopted a cat, make sure to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian team so that they can make sure your cat is healthy and address any issues you may have during the transition process. Research has shown that owning a cat can improve a person’s physical and mental health, and so Mitchell Veterinary Services highly recommend them as great companions!


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